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Welcome on BloodPack Entry Page

Rewards on our websites depends on many factors such as current BTC/USD exchange rate, donations, advertising revenue, etc.

Please do not use any proxy / vpn connections or adblockers. We will be also grateful if you use our links to other sites that offer free coins.

This will help us to keep rewards at the current level and in the future successively increase them.

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You may also visit:

Site (link) Averge reward (satoshi) Time (minutes)
80 60
30 60
50 40
100 30
80 30
55 15
25 15
35 10
50 5
25 5
32 5
45 5

You can exchange your coins quickly at

Last week BTC price chart

Last week BTC price chart

More tools will be available soon



By using these websites you help us to increase BloodPack rewards

Claim upto $200 in BTC every hour and get:

  • 2 lottery tickets for weekly lottery
  • 2 reward point
  • 25% bonus

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Claim upto $150 every hour

  • This is similar to the one above. Min reward is about 0.5 DOGE
  • It also gives 50% referral commission so you get about 0.25 DOGE for every claim that your refs made

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Simple pentalogue

  1. You will not use bots nor any script
  2. You will not use multi-accounts
  3. You will not block ads
  4. You will not use PROXY
  5. Have fun and let the the other have fun too ;)

Violation of any of these rules may result in a ban of your wallet addresses and IP (or in some extreme cases the entire IP range of your network - respect others, do not break the rules) and the disclosure of this data on a public forum.
Although we believe everyone deserves a second chance, but once you will got banned, there is no turning back without exceptions.
And finally, if you know the rules Keep calm and Get your reward